iDA (Invoice Data Analyzer) is a SaaS solution that automates invoice collection, invoice data extraction, data translation and presentation for load in our report layout or your data schema.   Using iDA ETL to get the data into a standard schema allows your team to focus more on analytics and drive more value into your process.  Scrutinare customers use iDA to get their data into their own BI tool and other back office processes, such as Invoice Validation, Inventory Management, Margin Management.  iDA ETL service delivers the data to drive your company's success.  Let us help you through the forest.

iDA | Features - Benefits

iDA Automation Drives Efficient Invoice ETL Using: 

  File Collect & Data Extraction

  •  Highly Automated Data File Collection & Tracking - Different data files are collected on different schedule

  Data File Translation

  • Intelligent Data Translation Processes  -  Use a simple GUI to set the data translation schema

  • Invoices  - See all the invoice detail that you need to drive your application or BI tool

  • Other vendor data  - Inventory reports, available plans, MACDs, HR files.  Use additional data to enrich your offering


  Data Delivery

  • Delivery Format - Use our standard format layout, or your custom layout

  • Delivery Media - Receive the data in a manner that works best for you;  csvs files, database tables

  • Delivery frequency - Data can be pushed automatically after processing or manually after user review

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