Why use iDA For Your Business.

The task to collect the invoice, extract the invoice data is an important task.  That said, Invoice ETL is not what your clients views as the value you bring and sets you apart from your competition.

The carrier vendor sends to you and many others an invoice with that same layout.  Why spend valuable resources (clerical pools, developing and maintaining ETL software) to process the same invoice your competitor gets, and extract the same data sets ??   Where every invoice is a unique task for you, we leverage our work for that same vendor format across many users.  

Let Scrutinare process your invoice and extract that invoice data.  Scrutinare will address the every day ETL challenges (portal updates, file layout changes, new elements, etc) and present to you YOUR data; normalized, to your requirement, in a standard consistent layout, with every file processed.

Your resources can then consume that consistent data stream most efficiently, and spend more time thinking about how to analyze and utilize the data in a way that provides value to your customer, thus bringing value to YOU.

What you DO with that data is what will set you apart.  Let Scrutinare Invoice Data Analyzer collect the invoice, extract that invoice data and feed the normalized data to you.   


iDA ETL ensures the highest levels of both accuracy, and efficiency when extracting data from invoice files and other data files.  That means no more lost invoices, manual entry errors, or chasing approvals.   

  • Collect and Extract - BDA automates the collection of your invoices from your vendor.  

  • Translate - BDA automates the parsing of the invoice data, capturing to level 3 data specifications. 

  • Load - iDA provides the data to you in an agreed layout.  Easy for your system to ingest and use.        

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